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Operation Shanti

Operation Shanti, 503  (c) is a charity organization based in San Francisco CA and Mysore India  helping kids from impoverished families rise from their slum lives.

In December 2013, I will bring these kids about 700  pounds (14 suitcases) of  donations. I am reaching out to each and everyone of you to donate items listed and or ask others to help. I will collect donations from anywhere in California. Your donation is tax deductible and you will receive a receipt. Monies and goods are welcome.


List of items needed:

* Footwear -open toes no sneakers

* First aid items  – except bandaids

* OTC medicine for cough, colds

* Shampoos, soaps – yes from US

* Kids vitamins –  prefer chewables

* Clothing for ages 7 – 15 years

* Training bras for teenage girls

* Backpacks – lightweight

* Board Games, puzzles

* IPads, laptops – refurbished

* Dried fruits and nuts, yes from US

* Travel alarm clocks

* Watches – sturdy & inexpensive

* Durable, old used suitcases


Facebook: Operation Shanti

Tel: 919945100945, 4158612964


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