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With our busy lives, how can we make time for another commitment? Where do we begin?  Who can we turn to for resource?

Adelfa teaches locally and globally. She makes herself available according to your schedule; hourly, weekends, one week, two weeks and private consultation. To learn more of her credentials and what she teaches, click on the link below. Then go to contact page and contact her.


Namaste! The release of “The Holistic Healing Power of Yoga” is just around the corner. This powerful book offers insight on yoga’s history, philosophy and evolution. Postures are illustrated and identified, pranayama, mudras and bandhas are explained complete with illustrations. Tools for meditation are provided and Ayurveda and Kundalini are discussed. On the last part of the book are various charts for posture references to…

I am also an exhibitor for this event: Dreams Tasting Event, April 29, 2017, Boston MA
101 Dreams Come True
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I am now official a Travel Consultant.
Adelfa Samson, Travel Consultant, 916.429.4211
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Adelfa is a lover of celestial radiance when it comes to nature. She is passionate with altruistic endeavors and committed to humanitarian causes. Her heart leaves no untenanted chances to contribute a transcendent universe and is proactive about causes for social justice.

Every experience presents an opportunity to expand outward as well as fuel the inner development to achieve a union with thy-self that results in peace. This is yoga.