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The Holistic Healing Power of Yoga

This book, “The Holistic Healing Power of Yoga” (THHPY) is a comprehensive guide for baby boomers, beginners, doubters, seekers and yoga teacher. It is important to impart that in order to reap yoga’s full benefits and to make a yoga practice complete, the practice must be complete, physical, mental and spiritual. These dimensions are included in the repertoire to create a perfect tapestry of life. THHPY addresses the universal nature of yoga, explaining the concept of mind, body and spirit that include “dharmic” principles to live by, breathing exercises, energy blockages and diet and nutrition expressed in a manner where the eastern philosophy gels with the western viewpoint to find a congruent center, balance and totality.
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What is Holistic Healing

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Holistic comes from the Greek root holos, meaning “whole,” giving emphasis to the entire human being and the interconnectedness of mental state, physical fitness and emotional health. In contrast to allopathic medicine, which treats illness as it occurs, holistic healing emphasizes health maintenance through prevention of illnesses. The platform of self-care emphasizes illness prevention and implementation of natural therapies, herbal remedies and healthy diet to balance the body’s physical, emotional and mental states. This practice can also be implemented as a supplement or complement to allopathic medicine or treatment. There are no known side effects of holistic healing because it is natural. Holistic healing is also referred to as natural medicine, in that it is persuasive rather than invasive. Natural medicine preserves the divine foundation of your birthright and heritage; and natural healing is more or less an attitude.

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Namaste! The release of “The Holistic Healing Power of Yoga” is just around the corner. This powerful book offers insight on yoga’s history, philosophy and evolution. Postures are


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Yoga Schools, are you in need of a highly credentialed and experienced Yoga Professional to assist in your TT program? Yours truly is available to complement any component of your syllabus from asanas, pranayama, meditation, Ayurveda, Kundalini and Yoga Therapy. The book that I just authored, The Holistic Healing Power of Yoga has materials that far exceed the curriculum for the 200 hours syllabus as required for the TT. I am available to come to your school, anywhere in the world. Contact me here.

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